Savings of 4.8 t CO2 per tonne of recycled batteries

No heating or smelting. Duesenfeld recovers the graphite and electrolyte from the batteries.

Mobile recycling containers reduce hazardous goods transport

Mobile recycling containers enable the decentralised recycling of lithium-ion batteries. The recycled materials are no longer classified as hazardous goods, which avoids the need for hazardous goods transport and, in turn, eliminates a large proportion of recycling costs.

91% material recovery in the recycling of battery cells

Duesenfeld recovers 91% of the battery cell materials during recycling. This puts Duesenfeld well ahead of the 32% achieved with the conventional battery smelting procedure.

Reliable fluoride removal with patented technology

Duesenfeld completely removes the fluoride early on in a specialised, patented pre-treatment step, which ensures reliable process management.